SOLT Engineering Co., Ltd. is established in 2013 in Myanmar,working with Japan software information service development for customer`s company the project development and individual event,emplyoments guarantee are the most important and not a easy case. Personnel expenses is a big cost for software developmet but most of the company want to keep low salary In our company we have a great number of excellence Myanmar engineer,for software development by using our engineer you can solve the problem of personnel expenses and get the benefit. Generally the personnel expenses compare with China is 5 time of 1 and compare with Vietnam is 3 time of 1. Myanmar people are diligent worker,historically a very good friendship with Japanese people in tradation and circumstance. Very quick learner we provide the excellence people for your necessary moment,the number of people and support your work to be containue smoothly. Our aim is to satistifie your needs by supplying qualified personnel and solve the problems what you are folded faced.

About us

SOLT Engineering Co., Ltd.

No.66,68 (1F), San Yeik Nyein 6 Street, Kamayut, Yangon, Myanmar

President and CEO
Zaw Min Lwin


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Job detail
Offshore development.
Lab type development.
Entrusted development.
Special in Java subject school

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01/01/2013 Republic of the union Myanmar Yangon SOLT Engineering Co., Ltd.