Job detail

Off shore development. Lab type development. Entrusted development. Special in Java subject school

Software development

Web application
Business application
Smart phone application
3D modeling
3D programing

Evaluation business

Individual application evaluation
Mobile equipment evaluation

Document translation

In order to sell Japanese software in foreign countries and to use foreign software in Japan,need to translate in each languages for Menu,Dialog,Software structure and Help manual,etc. Like as help manual we can finish with normal translation but to translate the resources*menu name that appears on the screen,command name,message,etc. And to fixes the code of the program,software specification change will definitely need a skillful translator who is experienced in IT field. We support not only software translation,IT translation but also in any other field.

Japanese to English
Japanese to Burmese
English to Japanese
English to Burmese
Burmese to English
Burmese to Japanese


Job offerers website creating
Design document translation


Offshore development is…?

Offshore development is called software development,web system development,smart phone application development,Facebook application development,social game development,operation and maintenance by entruted foreign company and foreign subsidiaries company of low rate service will able to reduce the development cost. According to Investigators of the Information-technology Promotion Agency,Japan IPA,45.6% of Japaneses companies are installation. Now a day,start from China,Philippines,Indonesia,Myanmar are attracting as offshore development destination. Recently not only the software,application development business but also the call centre,data input,image processing such a lot of bussiness are entrusted to foreign company.


Reduce big amount of cost
short time
Able to use a large amount of people in project

Benefits of offshore development will be listed first is "significant cost savings" of development costs. Compared with the Japanese engineers a significant reduction of labor costs,moreover engineers skills are just the same as Japanese is a big advantage. The other benefit of using offshore development is (short time processing) (excellence engineer guarantee) (development that is with a view to overseas markets). In recent years,by dropped the threshold of offshore development,not only local system and application development but also foreign development compaines are increaseing now.

Laboratry development is…?

In one of contract form in offshore development,it is also referred to as the "ODC(Offshore Development Center)". This lab type development refers to that of "a certain period of time*six months contract system in our company". contract to perform a minimum guaranteed amount of work to be ordered." Therefore,the lab type development is regardless of whether the work, be able to keep the excellent people for self company, flexibility to be able to request the development and a feature that can be accumulated the specifications and know-how. There are several development ways, the high benefit for period order company,able to containue with the best talent person with low rate.


During the contract time that ensures a certain member,it is possible to proceed the stable development.
Maintain excellent human resources.
Very easy to accumulate know-how.
Specification change, resourceful,flexible response easily.
Easy to order sensitive project.